The purpose of the Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle (the Circle) is to engage a dynamic group of philanthropists to bring forth new resources aimed at enriching the community through strategic, high-impact grant making, volunteerism, and creating unique networking opportunities for its members and member businesses.

The Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle (TCPC) will be comprised of individuals, families, family foundations, and business leaders who have come together for a common purpose: to help not-for-profit organizations that serve children and families throughout the Treasure Coast area.

The Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle is a giving circle that harnesses the power of collective giving resulting in maximum impact and a greater return on investment for both the recipient(s) and the donor/members.

The activities of the Circle are guided by a Leadership Team.

General Membership

The opportunity to become a member of Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle shall be by invitation only. Membership must be renewed on an annual basis in conjunction with payment of the current membership fee. Membership may be cancelled by the Leadership Team at any time.

  • All members are invited and encouraged to attend a minimum of two special events and/or meetings per year. These events will include the annual grant award activities.
  • All members are encouraged to host a member event, if possible, and actively seek new members.
  • All members are encouraged to serve on the Leadership Team and/or a committee of the Circle.

Leadership/Officers of the Giving Circle & Committee Chairs

The Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle shall be led by a Leadership Team. The Team shall include four officer positions and committee chairs. The officer positions shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Committee chairs shall include, but not be limited to, Membership, Grants and Events.

Selection and Terms

All Leadership Team members (Officers and Committee Chairs) shall be elected by a majority of the active, paid members. Only paid members may serve on the Leadership Team and/or hold a committee chair or officer position.

  • Each officer may hold office for two years with the possibility of two consecutive terms.
  • No one officer can hold two positions (officer and committee chair) unless otherwise approved by a majority of the membership.
  • Each chair person may hold office for two years with the possibility of two consecutive terms.
  • No one Chair person can hold two positions (committee chair and officer) unless otherwise approved by a majority of the membership.
  • Annual Elections will take place at a time agreed to by the Leadership Team. Members will be able to vote on the Circle website.

Meeting Requirements

  • The Leadership Team shall meet formally at least three times annually. Meetings shall take place at a location designated by the Leadership Team.
  • Committees shall meet an average of three times per year, depending on their respective work. Meetings shall take place at locations to be determined by the committee membership. (See Committee Roles & Responsibilities).

Responsibilities and Roles of the Leadership Team

The Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle (TCPC or “the Circle”) Leadership Team is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership and advisement including the organization of the Leadership Team, officers, and committees
  • Formulation and oversight of the guidelines, practices, and procedures related to the operation of the Circle
  • Financial management and oversight as it relates to the Martin County Community Foundation (MCCF)-Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle operations account established for the annual operating budget specific to TCPC events and administration costs
  • Leadership Team will determine and from time to time approve reasonable budgets for TCPC events and operating costs based on the Leadership Team and committee input. Those budgets will be established in coordination with MCCF. MCCF will set aside agreed-to budgets established by the TCPC Leadership Team. Under separate agreement titled Payables/Gifts/Grants Guidelines, dated September 28, 2017, MCCF will pay out all payable requests of TCPC that have been requested and signed off in writing by the TCPC Chair or Vice Chair and the Treasurer.
  • Leadership Team must approve all payable requests by committees for events and operating costs of TCPC. Leadership Team will coordinate and process those payable requests in a timely manner and submit said requests to MCCF. All payable requests on behalf of TCPC will be processed by MCCF in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in agreement titled Payables/Gifts/Grant Guidelines dated September 28, 2017.
  • Leadership Team authorizes the Chair or Vice Chair, along with the Treasurer, to sign off and request MCCF to pay all approved payable requests relating to TCPC events and administration costs
  • Oversight of membership, promotional and/or fundraising events, and activities.
  • Oversight of planning and evaluation of the Leadership Team and subcommittees’ performances
  • Production and review of activity reports
  • Developing and establishing the maintenance and updating of the Circle website
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and rules governing the operation and activities of the Circle including, but not limited to, the governing documents adopted by the Circle and the guidelines and rules applicable to the Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle as a field of interest fund at the Martin County Community Foundation.
  • Leadership Team will maintain all TCPC records, minutes of Leadership Team and committee meetings, financial records, and other information relating to the operations of the TCPC. Those records will be available to all TCPC members upon request. Scheduling to review such requests will be done in a timely manner.

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