Mission and Vision


The Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle (TCPC) will be comprised of individuals, families, family foundations, and business partners and community leaders who have come together for a common purpose: to help not-for-profit organizations who serve children, young adults, and families throughout the Treasure Coast area. The focus of membership recruitment efforts is on local business partners and community leaders.

We believe our business partners share a community-minded spirit to give back. Being a part of an organized giving circle can provide an opportunity to achieve far greater impact than an individual business may be able to have when they are supporting a single cause alone. Giving circles like Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle harness the power of collective giving and the result is maximum impact and a greater return on investment for both the donor/members and the recipient(s). The Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle has strategically aligned with the Martin County Community Foundation (MCCF) to assist in the execution of the Circle’s Mission and Vision. The Treasure Coast Philanthropy Circle welcomes and sincerely thanks them for their involvement and much needed expertise.

Charitable Objectives

The TCPC has been founded on the concept of a hand up and not a hand out. Working and supporting not-for-profit organizations that work with children, young adults, and families will be the focus. The programs that aspire to help people become responsible, productive, community citizens will be sought out by TCPC. These types of programs will not only benefit our community but will also create a potential work force for our member businesses. Bringing self-worth, dignity to people’s lives, and possible future employment has always been part of the “American Dream.” TCPC wants to foster and promote that concept through their charitable giving and mentoring.

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